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Anelia Varela

The Writer
US Director

Anelia came to New York from London to continue The Writer’s mission in life: to change organizations through the language they use. They've been doing just that for companies like Unilever, Cisco and PwC, and have been at it for 14 years.

Heading up The Writer's US office, Anelia is helping some of the world’s biggest brands realize the power of words to change how people see them, stand out from the competition, make their customers and employees happier, shape their culture, and make and save money in the process.

As a seasoned writer and trainer, Anelia’s thoughts and words have appeared in books, newspapers, design annuals, magazines, blogs, and up the sides of Guinness bottles. She was foreman of the Writing for Design jury at the 2014 D&AD Awards.


  • When Anelia’s not writing for clients, she writes books. Her non-fiction book, For the People: A small town’s struggle for freedom against apartheid, came out earlier this year.
  • She’s also on a mission to run a half marathon in every state. Three down, 47 to go…